roof problem


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see attachment.
I need to get rid of the gap between the roof and the walls.
The roof is like the picture all around the house.
I've tried changing the wall height, but that doesn't fix the problem.
Please point me in the right direction.



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Just bringing over the replies from the thread on the old forum in case you had trouble finding them.

In HD Pro you can simply left-click on the wall which selects the "Wall Poly Line" that then has "Handels" that you can left-click-drag to reshape the wall in a cross section or other camera view (I prefer the cross section camera view for preciseness).


you can drag the wall up as suggested but are the walls too low or is the roof too high ? it is ALL walls right not just the peak in the pic? perhaps lower the roof baseline height if the walls are already the correct height eg 8' stud/96"

If there isn't any manual roof planes I'd probably delete the roof ,make sure my walls are setup right height and rebuilt the roof....




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