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My construction drawings include a roof plan.  Today the builder asked me to give more information on the roof drawing.  He wants me to list the ridges, valleys...etc...  I was hoping that my software would automatically label those areas.  I have searched the videos, forums, and took a closer look at my default settings and preferences.  I haven't seen a way yet to add these notations automatically to the plan.  Does anyone know if there is a dialog box to make this happen? I did see that I can turn on the roof framing, but not sure if this makes the plan too busy.  1/8" =1"-0"




HD Pro 2014


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Not in Pro 10 , but it isn't usual to have to label those so don't think there'd be automatic, you'll have to label them with text boxes + Arrows found in the CAD menu.


Usually it pretty obvious what is what if you have a full set of plans in front of you.but The builder maybe trying to figure out which way the trusses etc run but the roof framing plan is usually done by the Truss Engineer not the Architect as it has to be Engineer Designed.( in most jurisdictions for Code)


I would give him a Roof Plan AND a Roof Framing Plan , they'll be less Cluttered that way, and is pretty standard for most Constr. Doc. Sets

Also add Roof Pitch indicators to your drawings if not done too.


1/8= 1'  is usually only used for Siteplans , 1/4" is more usually and 1/2" for Details/sections

unless of course you are printing to 8x11? you can print to PDF as well and he can have them full sized at a Copy Centre too.

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No problem, not sure if the Image wasn't there before or I didn't see it ..... maybe you just added it?


It is an unusual looking Roof ,with a few "strange" Pitch markers , you wouldn't normally see eg 7 1/16 / 12   , 9 11/16 / 12 , with some of the pitches being offset etc

so I can understand him wanting some clarification but I don't see anything too diffircult to "see" what it is...


perhaps you can Post some images from an 3D Over-view , looks like an interesting one.......


actually you could Print the images from the 3D overview and include them for the Builder , should help immensely with his "understanding" of this not so typical roof.



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