Align Walls between floors - exact measurements?


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I have a two story home that I have designed.  I can not get the walls to align correctly so they match.  I have tried every tip that has been given in the library search or help topics and still can't figure it out.  I am almost forsure that it has something to do with a few of the outside walls have different dimensions, but I can't get them to all come up the same.  I have worked on this for two months as it is the only step left before we submit to builder and bank for estimates and costs.  


Question 1..

When I double click on an outside wall of the first floor it pulls up a box which shows me the length of the wall.  I have tried numerous times to change that number to make it exactly what I would like it to be, but it will not change and after hours of moving the wall length manually (with arrow on screen) I can't get them to be the exact size that I want. If I get this corrected I thing it might make it easier to align the top outside wall with the bottom outside wall so they are attached correctly.  


Question 2 

When I am on the top or lower floor and I double click an outside wall it does not give me the option to align with lower or upper floor.  The boxes are grayed out so it makes me think they are correct.  The way I know they are not is by the dimensions that are showing up when I look at the plan and when I have program in doll house view it is very noticable. 


Any help would be so greatly appreciated.  This is my first time ever doing this and I'm having a hard time (once I got the general outline) making it match exactly.  




Better Homes and Gardens 

Home Designer Suite 8.0

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Please post the plan file -- attach it to a post.


To change the length of a wall, click on it, then click the measurement that is shown. That will allow you to edit the length.


I'm guessing you have seen


And ...


It helps if we know what title (Suite, Pro etc) and version you are using. You can add this info to your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click My Settings, then Signature on the left.

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Yes post the plan ....


However , you won't get notice of misaligned walls if they are off by more that about 1/2 the wall's width as HD  "thinks" it is deliberate in that case so you need to move them manually .


If the house is already drawn , wall will not always move using the dimension string of the wall itself as it is attached to other walls and would/could break the wall connection , and hence lose Room Definition. Usually in that case you can use the Temporary Dims to move another wall in the correct direction to shorten or elongate the "bad wall" , but especially with exterior walls it can be a "bear" , but you can use/try Exterior dims for that too. Sometime you have to break the walls connect deliberately and resize as needed eg working methodically in a Clockwise direction.



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