Default building code edition?

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In order to submit my plans to the City (in Washington State), I need to identify the building code editions used to design the project.  I don't know any details about building codes and was letting home designers suite 2015 simply give it's defaults for framing, doors sizes, electrical etc...  


What is the default building code used in Home Designer Suite 2015?




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Home Designer does not do Code or Engineering Checks etc , those are done by the appropriate individual with the State Stamp to do so.


You need to find out what Codes your City uses  ( their website?)  and then find the Code online and Design you Project to it by inputting any data that is needed into the Defaults in HD , such as Beam sizes  Posts, hold downs etc.  


you may not need much for a smaller Reno , eg a bathroom or basement , stuff like that is pretty standard


Can HD Suite Print to Scale ?  hopefully, as I know it doesn't do Layouts ,which only Pro has.  

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