Bay roof within a gable?


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I've been messing with this for hours, I'm pulling my hair out. And its probably so simple.  First off, I'm a first time user, so I'm sorry for the ignorance, I've tried to find this on my own but so far I've failed.  I'm using the Suite level, hopefully thats not my problem here:


I'm remodeling a house.  For the purposes of this problem, lets just assume its a rectangle, with a plain ole 4 sided hip roof.  Now, on one end of this house, there are gables on each side, one slope of each gable matching the slope of the "end hip".  So as your looking up at the roof from the ground, at the skinny end of the house, you see a big flat roof surface with a bit of triangular surface above it where the main ridge is a couple feet taller than the two side gables.  Sorry, this makes sense in my head but maybe no one else's.  Ok, within one of these gables is a bay window of sorts.  I'm not familiar enough so I should specify.  This isn't some purchased unit nailed into the wall.  Its basically 3 walls with windows, all the way down to the foundation, with its own shingled roof on the surface of the gable.  I can not, for the life of me recreate this monstrosity.  I would tell you what all I have tried and failed, but it would take me all night.  Lets just say I've tried everything except the correct way.  I've ended up with no roof, gaping holes in the roof, 2 gables on each side of the bay, the bay countersunk itself into the wall, etc, etc.  I've exploited every glitch in Chief's software I believe.  Just now I thought I FINALLY had it, by just deleting my "walls" and putting in the pre-made bay window.  But then I re-built the foundation.  Now the roof of the bay is literally on the ground...


I'm not sure if its because I'm doing the bay wrong, putting it too close to the corner of the house, or maybe even made the gables the wrong way... The gable on the other side of the house is going to eventually contain a chimney, I can't wait to tackle that feat...  Yikes.  Can anyone possibly give me some kind of hint here?  Does any of this sound familiar? Or maybe you can just tell me I have to have roof editing features that only come with Pro, and I'll just stop trying, but at least I'll know.


Here's the plan, if I attach it correctly.  Again, I'm using Suite.  2016




Edit:  I realize now I made a long rambling post with a bunch of useless details.  Sorry, I wasn't originally thinking of posting the plan, just trying to describe the situation.  But I'll leave the description in case any of it helps.  Thanks!

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You have done Well actually , and were so close this is gonna hurt  :)


your gable wall was slightly misaligned with the hip wall to the right of the Bay , which meant is wasn't aligned vertically with the Basement wall ,hence the roof grew on the basement wall instead as you had checked the "extend existing Roof " box in the Bay DBX..



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You know, I remember seeing that last night but I never figured out how to get it to align. The reason it's 2 walls there is to create the gable, was that the correct way? And how can I get them to align? They won't "snap" to each other like every other time. Plus, I have redrawn that gable/bay section 20+ times and this was the only rendition that had that misalignment, but I see what you mean, that makes perfect sense.

Regardless, I'll have to go back and try that again. Is that all you changed was the one roof setting? I tried all of those settings and didn't get the right result, but yours is perfect. Thinking back, maybe it's because I didn't redraw the foundation after the roof selection change?

Thanks for your help!

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No , you had the walls setup right, you're doing great from what I see,  you need the Break there for your gable to come up  off, the best way is to draw that wall, is as one wall from the outer left corner to the internal corner, then break the wall where you need it broken with the Break Wall Tool ,rather than trying to draw two walls yourself so to don't get misalignment issues. Just change one of the broken walls somehow immediately ( full gable in this case) otherwise they will join back together if HD "thinks" they are exactly the same.


I had to zoom right in and then using the CTRL Key and just move the Bay wall back and forwards till it joined correctly as I didn't want to have to redraw your Bay etc , otherwise I would of done as above.


Once you have those walls aligned make sure they are Aligned to the Basement Walls below ,look on the edit toolbar for a down arrow with the wall selected , the Roof growing on the basement foundation is a common symptom of this misalignment. Note you only get the misalignment Tool IF the misalignment is less than about 1/2 the wall width, otherwise HD assumes it is supposed to be that way , so you have to move them manually.


Once that is done , the extend Roof box should cause the Roof to jump back up and hope align itself correctly , other try a full rebuild of the Roof and see if it sorts itself out .


I don't think the pitch is right on the Bay maybe it is 3/12 or 4/12 ? in the real world?  (ITRW) which I think you need to set in the Build Roof DBX BEFORE building the Bay as I don't think you can change Pitch on the Bay Walls like you can with Other walls ? . ( sorry I am not too familiar with the Features of Suite any longer)



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