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  1. smpatten

    Changing Direction Flooring runs in

    I want the flooring to run left to right instead of top to bottom. ( HD Architectural 2020) Thanks.
  2. Anyone know if there is a walk-in tub which I can download into my library?
  3. smpatten

    House slanted on lot

    I just upgraded to HOME DESIGNER ARCHITECT 2020: My house is slightly crooked on the lot - the back corner of the house is 15.6' from the lot line, the front corner is 14.5' from the lot line. How do I show this on my plan? If the answer has to do with setting terrain points, I tried to find "terrain points" tool on the toolbar but couldn't. I also tried tilting the house itself, but that makes the house look weird.
  4. smpatten

    3D views at different heights

    I'm wanting to determine what visitors will see from both a standing and sitting position when they look toward the kitchen, which is separated from the living room by a bar height gathering spot. Obviously, this is just on paper right now, or I wouldn't be asking this question. Is there a way to tell the camera to view from a height of say 5.5 feet and a height of 46"? I'm working in Home Designer Suite 2019.
  5. smpatten

    Downloading Mfr Catalogs into HD Suite 2019 in Windows 10

    Thanx. What would I do without you? What do you say you clone yourself and send your clone to Ocala, FL?
  6. Hi I picked a bunch of catalogs to download - how long should it take, and does it automatically go to the Mfr Library or is there another step I need to take? Thank You.
  7. smpatten


    I tried reading the instructions for Home Designer 2019, but apparently I have suffered a brain freeze. While I would love to have a view of the mountains outside my kitchen windows, I live in Florida and it ain't happening. What I do have is trees, so I want to use forest clearing, but when I go to materials, edit, the clearing is not one of the choices I can choose.
  8. smpatten

    "Locking" a wall in Home Designer 10

    Thanks, DJP.
  9. smpatten

    "Locking" a wall in Home Designer 10

    Hi Is there a way to render exterior walls unmovable?