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  1. NxLhomes

    Sill Plate not displaying

    David, Thanks for responding. I do have Home Designer Pro 2015. I did build framing but there is still no Sill Plate showing in the Framing perspective overview with all levels checked to display. I just noticed something that I did not before. In the "Layer display options" panel, there is no "+" sign in the "used" column. I clearly have Treated Sill Plates checked in the Foundation Defaults, I rebuilt walls, then deleted and rebuilt wall and floor framing. There is something fundamental I'm not understanding about the Sill plate and SWT. In my foundation room definition of Garage, I am giving 21 1/2" for SWT...that is 20" from slab and 1 1/2" for Sill plate. Not sure that is correct, but the math does not seem to work without it.
  2. NxLhomes

    Sill Plate not displaying

    I am new to the forum but I search for this answer here, in the knowledge base, and the manual but cannot find. I see that there were Q&As about this when I google, but it appears that this was with the old forum database so I cannot access. Q: I checked the box in the foundation defults for treated sill plate, and I have it check in the display options, but I absolutely cannot get it to show in any view, 3D perspective, Framing, etc. I end up making my stem wall height 1 1/2" taller to compensate. Is there a solution to this? Any help would be appreciated.