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  1. hward01

    Flipping Slabs

    I'm not sure if I understand your question but if your objective is to create a beam that has an ogee cut on the ends? I would do that using the soffit tool.
  2. hward01

    2 buildings with different elevations

    Thank you
  3. hward01

    2 buildings with different elevations

    I'm using HDPro 17. I have 2 buildings on same lot and would like to lower the rear building to the terrain elevation which is approx -2' lower. Is there a way to do this and keep the entire building in tact? See attached screen shot. Thanks
  4. hward01

    Importing and exporting drawings in HDPro17

    Thanks Eric that worked!
  5. I have 2 plan files that I would like to combine into 1 using HDPro 17 if possible. On one plan I have a drawing of existing house on lot. On the other I have a garage with living space above. I would like to export the garage drawing to the drawing with the house. It will go to back of lot. I've tried the import export feature and It will place the garage as 2d but will not display in 3d. Is this possible?
  6. hward01

    How to get rid of x's on 2d plan view

    Thanks Eric! Resolved! You live up to the name Solver! I feel like when I have my keys in my hand and I'm saying "where the hell are my keys"
  7. hward01

    How to get rid of x's on 2d plan view

    Hi Can someone tell me what the X's that shows in my 2D plan view are and how to get rid of them? (screenshot attached) When I double click I get a move point dialog box. I'm not sure how they got there unless it happened when adjusting roof planes. Using Home Designer Pro 17 Thanks
  8. Hi This should be simple but I'm having no luck figuring it out. How do i make a set of stairs with landing show on each floor plan level in HDPro 17? It shows on the 2nd floor plan but the landing and stairs do not display on the 1st floor. See Attached Thanks