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  1. TNodAR

    Molding problems on Stairwell Walls

    Thanks cbabynurse for posting your 'fix' to the issue! I had a similar problem with an "open area" in a room. The crown molding was showing up on the wall in the "open area", which I did not want. Putting in a wall making it invisible did the trick. Once I added the wall, I changed the type of wall to 'glass' with a thickness of 1/8" in order to lessen the wall 'imprint' in the 3D view. I used adding an invisible wall on another issue I had, but I didn't think about using it in this situation. Thanks again. ;-)
  2. TNodAR

    Material List - Buy List

    Thanks for the help and comments. Great to know info. TNod
  3. TNodAR

    Material List - Buy List

    When creating my Material Buy lists, I noticed the programs use of 2" x 4" - 7'-8 5/8" for both 2x4 and 2x6 items. The finished ceiling height in the walk out basement is 9' 1 1/2". I see the exterior wall studs using (19) 2" x 6" - 10'-0" and the interior wall studs using (85) 2" x 4" - 10'-0". Is the program using the 7'-8 5/8" pre-cut length boards as a more efficient use of materials for use of shorter cuts? It would be beneficial to be able to identify an item in the 3D view by the ID (F1, F2...) used in the material lists. I have asked about this previously and I was told it is not possible. Maybe in the full Cheif Architect program, it is possible. Anyway, clicking on each item in the 3D framing view and comparing it to the Buy & Cut lists is a pretty tedious exercise to try to figure out where/why these 7'-8 5/8" lengths in 2x4 and 2x6 are being used. Since I am only a DIYer and not a professional construction type, a little insight would be fabulous as I would like to start ordering lumber. I have searched the KBS, manuals, and now the forum for information concerning the subtle specifics of naming & length theory but haven't come across anything. Thanks much!