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    "Covering" the staircase from below

    Alright! I got the underside for the chairs. However, it is in the wrong place for whatever reason... (see picture) and i still wonder how to make sloped soffits. (just out of curiousity) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0Kawb6kvPOKNWZDRVc1YWxRT1k Hele
  2. HeleHa

    "Covering" the staircase from below

    Oh well, I rushed. Inverted wedge--alright. Sloped soffit--not so much. In many threads it says "set the soffit to sloped". Well, I click trough all the properties for the soffit and cant find the sloped property Hele
  3. HeleHa

    "Covering" the staircase from below

    Thanks Eric, no way would I have guessed to search for those terms. Got it, Hele
  4. HeleHa

    "Covering" the staircase from below

    Hello, I am a newbie and building my first apartment in the program. I need to "cover" the stairs from below with walls (see the picture). Have tried this and that and surfed the help, but couldn't figure it out. Any hints greatly appreciated. Regards, Hele