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    Thanks for reply, however rotating plan does not solve problem. Does not print as shown on preview. Seems that there is a disconnect between drawing and dimensions.
  2. Ron-Aus


  3. Ron-Aus


    Using HD Pro10. Printing to scale (1:100) on A4 sheet from "Print Preview" either reverses drawing L to R and Top to Bottom OR prints dimensions upside down. How do I overcome this problem?
  4. Ron-Aus

    Roof planes and alcoves

    Thank you Eric. Your drawing of the roof is exactly what I want and Yes, HD Pro 10 has manual roof construction, and this works.
  5. Ron-Aus

    Roof planes and alcoves

    Alcove.plan Drawings displayed with auto generated roof. I want to create roof as in second drawing without roof over alcove.
  6. Ron-Aus

    Roof planes and alcoves

    I am creating an alcove on an outside wall without a roof over. I want to create a roof plane from the rear wall of the alcove on the same plane as the adjacent roof planes. The opposite walls in the alcove will angle upwards. Can I do this in Ver 10 of Home Designer Pro?