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  1. mkozychief

    3-D Symbol Orientation

    When I import 3-D symbols from a manufactures web site, they often appear at an improper orientation. For example, if I import a 3-D symbol for a sink from Kohler's web site in a .3ds or .obj format, it sometimes may be rotated 90 degrees around the x-axis. Is there an easy way to rotate they symbol to the correct orientation in HDP? I am using HDP 2016. 20705-N.obj
  2. mkozychief

    Step Down Room

    I'm very new to Home Designer Pro and I am trying to design a house where portion of the structure will be at a slightly different level than the rest of the house (2 six inch steps for a total of 12 inches). The ceiling/roof structure should be unaffected by the step down and will remain at the same level. Any suggestions on how this can be done? Thanks.