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    Cabinet Shelves

    How do I modify the number of shelves in a cabinet?
  2. How do I change the deck supports to square columns with stucco in between? Thanks
  3. Thanks - obvious is not always so obvious!
  4. I have tried searching all the available help options with no luck...perhaps I am not using the correct verbiage. I am using Home Designer Pro 2016. When I check monolithic slab, I get the slab but it is hanging in the air at the same height as the main part of the house on crawl space. Thanks, Noel
  5. I am trying to design a home where the main part of the home is on a 5 ft crawl space with a step down to an enclosed breezeway (heated/cooled) on slab which connects to the garage and other living space also on slab. In HD Pro how can I accomplish this change in foundation? Thanks for the help! Noel