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  1. I have HD, Pro 2016 and I need some help tidying up a print. I had a guy from this site try it on Chief 7, did a few things but my system will not open it up so I can further use it. I need someone with HD Pro 2021 and older......get in touch. I am a designer / builder in Michigan.....will work on and off throughout the year. get in touch at tonybaiardi@gmail.com
  2. The software is 2016, I’d like to have each bay window roof above pitch up to a Ridgepoint
  3. HD. PRO. gazebo style. Each angle rising up. Did the complete plan open? All layers
  4. I have a print enclosed....can anyone show or do with explanation house to break line the front porch and fit to elevation, fix the bay window upper right, like to have the typical roof over each window to a peak, also on front porch I have a dormer with a platform over the entry second floor level. The walls show up on first floor...tried fixing..again lost.. Thanks for any help....Tony Topolski #3 front elevation.plan
  5. I would like to buy a license for the Premier 7 or so...that my 2011 mac would run on.....anyone know anyone?
  6. I went to buy the 2021 for that reason then found out my Mac 2011 desktop will not run this system and I can't upgrade my Mac to what the new 2021 requires...so it will cost me $3K computer and $500 for upgrade....not doing. Just is wrong they won't release a update to my 2016 HD to allow me to print any size....Sad
  7. I bought the HD to find out I cant print on 24x36.....is there a way? Thanks
  8. I bought the Primier 7 and decided that the $2,700 price tag did not warrant my use. But during the month usage I designed many structures. Now I have purchased the Home Designer, better fit. But to find out it only prints on a smaller paper and I can not access my previous work I performed on Premier 7.....sure would have been great if someone told me to under default to check on the plan, and click the box to save for all formats...instead I am dead in the water...can anyone help me? Thanks