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  1. good day sir, i hope you are doing good and well..please i need a good designer

  2. Attached you will find the change log for features and fixes that were added between the final update of Home Designer 2016 and the 2017 release. home-designer-2016-2017-changelog.pdf
  3. We have just released the update for Home Designer. You can read the update notes here: Home Designer 2016 update notes If you aren't prompted to update when you launch your Home Designer software, click on the HELP menu and choose "Download Program Updates..."
  4. We have just released the latest update for Home Designer 2016 titles. You can obtain the update by clicking on the Help menu in your Home Designer software and choosing Download Program Updates. Here is a link to the Update Notes:
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    Seeing white camera views like this typically indicates that the driver for your video card or integrated chipset is outdated, There is information in this Knowledge Base article that can help you find your video information and how to update the driver: Additionally, some people see improved results by turning off the Hardware Edge Smoothing in the Render Preferences. You can find that setting by going to the Edit menu, Preferences and choosing the Render Panel. If you need more assistance with this issue, please contact our support team at 208-292-3375 or visit our Support Center at