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  1. That would really depend on if you were owner-building or using a general contractor. You can get estimates for free if you shop three good GC's in your area then average them. If you are being your own general contractor you can take anywhere from 20% to 45% off the GC price. That is the cost that the GC puts on to the actual cost to pay himself. Either way its a good plan to get multiple bids for your job.
  2. Thank you!! See I can't even find the correct site! lol
  3. Hello! On Thursday I posted this issue and got an answer but when I came back today to see it it's gone as well as all of the members I had started to follow. Weird! Anyway I did a lot of reading here and figured out how to successfully raise my ceiling heights to 10', however the crown moldings are still at the 8' place they were at before and I can not figure out how to move them. I know its something in the defaults but I'm lost! Please help (again) and I'm really new at this so step by step directions please! Thank you!