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  1. Fantastic! :-) It says "Object layer CAD, Default" So, now I can turn off the display of CAD objects and my sockets/switches/etc will also disappear. Thanks so much. Rgds Christian
  2. Here is "Line style". Where do I find layer. (I am starting to feel stupid here since I do not find it) :-)
  3. I open one of the two symbols above (by pressing Ctrl-E) and see the following. I do not see any notion of a layer. Are we using the same version (I am using Pro 2018)? Best regards Christian
  4. Thanks for the quick response. One small remaining challenge for the experts...... Taking your advice, I ran the symbols via Photoshop to make the background transparent. I then imported *.PNG an resized. This solves the placement and transparency issue. HOWEVER, I can not turn off the display of these new images. In TOOLS-DISPLAY_OPTIONS, there is a line called "Images", but this has no effect (regardless of whether the images are copy-pasted or FILE_IMPORTED). If I can not turn on-and-off, this method will unfortunately not work
  5. Pleeeease help... I need to create a 2D plan layout with local national (Norwegian) electrical symbols. I have all symbols as JPG or GIF and need to get them imported into HomeDesigner Pro 2018, preferably as symbols. I have attached one of the simplest symbols below. I have around 50 of these (and some are complex), so I can not create them all from scratch, but need to get them imported somehow. I only need them visible in the 2D layout plan (do not need them in the 3D camera view). I have tried to get them imported via the "IMPORT 3D SYMBOL" function, but I only
  6. How do u make exterior dimensions without it changing them automatically.  When I put in my own dimension sometimes it will accept it but other times it wont

  7. Thanks for the advice. It has to be manual lines then....
  8. Thanks for the signature tip. I have added it to my profile. As to your question: Where do I want to place it: I would like to place it onto the ceiling, so using a wall is not optimal. But maybe I am thinking wrong here and maybe there is a better solution. Let me therefore explain what I am trying to do. Background: I am doing my electrical wiring. I need only 2D plan views (no 3D rendering needed). I need a symbol for a motion detector (PIR) attached on ceiling. I could of course import a symbol from 3Dwarehouse (which I tried at first). However, I was not able to attach electr
  9. I get the error message: "The electrical item must be placed on a wall or cabinet" I would like to move a switch freely to where ever I want. However, I am restricted to placing the switch on a wall or cabinet. In earlier versions, I seem to remember that I could hold CTLR-key down and then freely move the object to anywhere I wanted. This is not possible in 2018 Pro. Any suggestions on how I can turn this restriction off? Thanks in advance