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    Fireplace Design

    Thanks for your help! That makes sense. I guess the one question it brings up for me regards Home Designer Pro. Would the plans I am making on HD Architectural be usable if I upgraded to Pro? If they are, and supposing that after I upgraded I wanted to print off some blueprints, what would that fireplace come up looking like on the blueprints if I just made it using some walls, a pass-through and some soffits? Maybe I am misunderstanding the scope of HD Pro. If I wanted to print out the plans and give them to a contractor, would they be able to use them, or would they have to draw their own plans from what I gave them? Thanks again for all your help!
  2. junebeetle

    Fireplace Design

    Thanks for the images, LawB10. Eric, here's a link to the the kind of thing I'm talking about: http://www.homedit.com/gorgeous-two-sided-fireplaces/gas-fireplaces-double-sided-closed Thanks so much!!
  3. junebeetle

    Fireplace Design

    I would love to figure out this same thing! LawB10, could you explain your answer to the 2nd question a little more? I didn't quite get it, and it sounds like it could be helpful. Thanks!!