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  1. Thank you, I have found it helpful, as well.
  2. I agree BruceJeremy--I located this article several weeks ago (after I had posted my initial query). I have it bookmarked to use as a pretty straight-forward and detail oriented instructional tool.
  3. LawB10, Thank you; precisely what I needed in your answer. Solver: I apologize; I am guilty of assuming everyone keeps their programs updated to the most recent version...I have 2016. I have researched the resources both of you mentioned; I did not find particularly helpful pieces there. Again, my fault for not explaining that I would not have posted without first looking in the already existing resources. Best regards, Patrick
  4. This subject may have been addressed elsewhere - if so, I would appreciate being linked to any resources. Using Home Designer (now 2016)...I have difficulty using the BUILD FIREPLACE tool. I can certainly activate it, but then I don't seem to know how to insert the fireplace INTO the wall... Second Question: Has anyone designed a two-sided fireplace (sometimes called see-through or walk-through) it is basically a fireplace viewed from two rooms separated by a wall...there is no real firewall in the rear...and I have read some issues regarding this type of fireplace, some suggested fixes, etc. I would love to place a double-sided fireplace, but since I seem a little awkward even placing a regular fireplace with the available tools....I decided to come here and ask for suggestions, directions, etc. Thanks, Patrick