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  1. You're too cool! Thanks for your help... I owe you.
  2. "Posting the plan is usually best for this type of question as......" Attached is the plan where the drywall is not visible. Any help is great... even criticism. 255 Kimbrell Loop 30.plan
  3. I've checked the Display Options numerous times and turned every option "on" to no avail. Additionally, the project "Floor Plan" does not show any drywall where it once did; there's only a gap or space where the drywall was. I've loaded a few back-up floor plans of the same project and have no problems and I've compared details of both plans but can't see any difference. I was looking for an easy fix but might have to use the latest back-up.
  4. I have the same problem and going nuts trying to figure it out. Also, I cannot see the drywall on the floor plans anymore.