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    Scroll Bars Not Visible or Activated

    I submitted my issue to support and found out the following: Support reply: Within the program, scrollbars can be toggled on and off by selecting View> Toolbars from the menu. If the icon to the left of that menu item has a small checkmark on it, though, they are indeed toggled on. If that is the case, then it sounds as though the issue maybe due to your System Preferences settings. To find out, open your computer's System Preferences and select "General". If you have "When scrolling" selected, scrollbars will not be visible in the program - to make them visible, select one of the other two options. My reply/solution: Scrollbars are toggled on in the view menu. My system preference was set to "Automatically based on mouse or trackpad". The "When scrolling option" did not work either but the "Always" option made them visible in the program.
  2. durtcom

    Scroll Bars Not Visible or Activated

    I have this problem also. It was not solved by activating the full 2016 version. The reset of the side windows did not work. I have the scrollbars checked in the view menu and hovering over the edge as you would with a Mac does not work either... I am using a Magic Mouse 2 on OS X 10.11.2.