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  1. SJM1986

    Roof Design

    I am recreating our existing house plan. How do I override the roof lines automatically laid out by HD with the actual roof lines in my home?
  2. SJM1986

    Camera Placement

    Thank you. Watched video and now I understand.
  3. SJM1986

    Camera Placement

    By 'affix', I mean to have the camera located at the position I attempt to place the icon. I have left-clicked, right-clicked, double-clicked...without success.
  4. SJM1986

    Camera Placement

    I am unable to utilize the camera function. I can drag a camera to a desired location, but the camera will not affix itself. Suggestions?
  5. SJM1986

    Tape Measure

    Yu da man! Toolbar restored!
  6. SJM1986

    Tape Measure

    My dimension dialogue has disppeared from the tool bar. And that section of the tool bar is also missing. it's not floating independently either. I've closed and reopened Home Design to no avail. Help, please.
  7. SJM1986


    My floorplan is so cluttered with dimension labels that it's preventing me from seeing clearly certain detail. I can't toggle them off in the dimension drop-down and can't find a solution in the user guide. Suggestions?
  8. I have an angled wall on my plan. I'd like to lock/anchor one end while moving the other end. In other words, I'm attempting to change the angle of the wall. Is that possible?
  9. SJM1986

    Glass Pocket Door

    I have a four-panel glass pocket door that opens to a patio. The panels retract/slide into a pocket on one side. How do I construct such a door?
  10. Thanks. Not sure why I couldn't see them in the trial version, but I went ahead and purchased/activated the full version and they were there. Problem solved...mystery not so much.
  11. I have a living room with one open wall. How do I separate it from the adjacent room so that its square footage is correctly reflected on the plan?
  12. Thnks for the replies. Unfortunately, the pan window command is nowhere to be found and resetting the side windows did not change anything. As for the version, About Home Designer indicates that I have the 2016 Trial Version. As long as there is a pan window function built in, I have decided to go ahead with purchasing the full version. I have a suspician that some features are turned off in the trial version.
  13. I have just downloaded the 2015 trial vesrion for the Mac. Just tinkering with the basics so I can decide if it makes sense to purchase full version. Starting with a small exterior plan, I have been unable to move the design on the screen. Scrollbars in the View menu is checked, but I see no scrollbars. I can zoom in and out, but the design remains in the center of the screen. I want to move the design on the screen so as to enlarge a part of the design that I wish to work on. I could not find an answer in the Q&A or User Guide.