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  1. Thanks, Mick. I've saved the zipped file. Now I'll just have to see if I can find it again. After 12 years of using the simplicity of Windows XP I am still finding my way around the vagaries of Windows 7 which does some strange things.
  2. Some of you might remember the topic I started back in February or March on the old forums where I queried why something was changing the default settings on the plan for an office block which I was working on. The issue wasn’t resolved and then I had all the hassle with my computer so when I got the new one I decided to abandon the old plan and start a new one from square one making sure that each and every step was carefully done so that whatever error caused the original problem wouldn’t occur again. As I was told in no uncertain terms on the original thread that the software doesn’t do things on its own but only follows instructions from me this is the sequence in which I started the new plan: 1. Set defaults for foundations (floor 0) 2. Set defaults for ground floor (floor 1) 3. Set Defaults for first floor (floor 2) 4. Set defaults for second floor (floor 3) 5. Set defaults for doors and windows 6. Draw the exterior walls for ground, first and second floors 7. Adjust foundations to align with ground floor I have not gone back to those settings and they remain as I initially set them. I then commenced with drawing in the details of the centre block of 3 towers on the ground floor such as staircases, interior walls, rest rooms, doors and windows and it was when I looked at a 3D doll house view that I noticed that the top of some windows were out of alignment with the others. This is exactly what happened with the earlier plan so I looked at the floor settings and noticed that “something” had changed the default settings... ...and, as previously, wouldn’t allow me to correct them – in particular the floor to SWT height which mysteriously has the default unchecked. If I check the box again it changes the settings to what they should be but if I move off, do something else and then return to check the settings the box has been unchecked again. It becomes a vicious circle. While the two separate wings will eventually be attached to the main block by means of a linking passageway (if I ever get to the stage that the plan is finished) I am grateful that I haven’t done so yet as I their settings remain as they should be... ...and I am more than confident that, once they are attached to the main block, the settings will also be incorrectly altered by whatever is doing so now. For some reason I am also getting a warning message about a deck over a non deck room. I do not have a deck anywhere. Your thoughts please. Also if there is someone with HD Pro 2014 who has the time to have a look at my plan to see whether they can spot the cause of the changes please let me know and I can send a zipped file to them. A totally exasperated thank you…
  3. Txt spk mre like it. Thanks Evolution. I tried that but my system only allowed me the option of saving it as "All files" and when I tried to open it the file type wasn't recognised. But its time for bed now and tomorrow is another day. In the meantime I've moved my dimensions by deleting the toilets, moving the arrow and then inserting the toilets again. Where there's a will, there's a way. So they say.
  4. Thanks "Evolution", that's perfect. Now all I have to do is work out how to save it to the HD library. I often have the problem of not being able to click on something without a different object being selected and usually overcome it by zooming but for some reason it just doesn't work in this instance. I thought therefore that there might be some setting on the object snaps or something that might make it more precise. Mr Kbird 1, what language are you speaking?
  5. I have searched the library and the help section to no avail. I need to place urinals on the walls in the men's toilet sections of an office block I am working on. Any suggestions as to where I could find something? I am going to be naughty and ask two questions in one topic. You will see on the file attachment that one toilet is highlighted. This is because I am trying click on the dimension arrow to move it down slightly but I am unable to click on it no matter how much I zoom. I can't even delete the dimension and redo it because I get the same result. Is there something I must set so that I can get my pointer closer?
  6. (1) What a silly place to hide it. (2) The options ( examples of which I am now miraculously able to attach - see below) are the same in both plan and 3D and terribly formal as opposed to Rich's pretty, frothy ones. (3) It means that you are a terrorist (4) No, I am still using the one that was installed in the new machine and am saving up for a better new one. I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning an couldn't get back to sleep so I lay pondering the sun issue (which probably didn't help with the getting back to sleep bit). While I tend to be something of a perfectionist in what I try and do I ended up wondering whether this issue was really worth the angst it has been causing me and whether I could just blerry well live with what the software throws at me and pretend that I am living in the southern hemisphere instead of the northern one.
  7. Thank you for your responses. David - I followed all the steps, yes, but I didn't have to manually insert a sun arrow. This was automatically generated on the plan though it is very hard to see as it is in light grey. Rich - I followed the steps in you *cough* elegantly *cough* annotated thumbnail though I got totally different graphics in my version of HD Pro 2014 (see below) to the green framed ones in your picture. What you see in my illustrations are all the options I get and It would seem that the sun angle is automatically generated. Nothing changed so I went back and checked "Show shadows" thinking that this might be relevant. All that did was put shadows on the plan and the 3D perspective still has the sun beaming brightly on the North facing walls. Ho hum. And now it would seem that I am unable to attach any thumbnails because there is no option to do so on my screen. Why has the attachment icon been removed from the reply box toolbar in this new version of Home Talk???
  8. Well, not the real thing of course. Despite the UK not really knowing what the sun actually looks like any more there's nothing anyone other than Mother Nature can do about it. My problem is with the sun angle on the 3D full perspectives of my plans. This was discussed very briefly and without conclusion within a topic on another matter of the old forums but I still haven't managed to achieve my objectives despite spending some hours yesterday reading my manual, using the help files, printing out pages of CA articles and help file dialogue and following, step by little step, the instructions they contained which I thought would solve everything but to no avail. My current home is south facing so I know only too well where the sun hits the building at any given time of the day. Following all my reading yesterday and despite seeing that if I haven't set a compass point the software will default North to the top of the screen which, to me, means that the facade of the building in my plans which I always draw at the bottom of the screen would automatically be south facing, I inserted the correct compass point on a plan anyway and filled in the sun angle specifications according to the actual latitude and longitude at which my home sits. All to no avail. The sun still hits the North and West of the buildings and the South and East remain in "shadow". I am now at a total loss.
  9. ...or maybe I am the only one logged in and it's just me who has been rendered such. On the defunct Home Talk you could always see which registered members were present as well as the number of guests who were browsing the forums. This is currently showing as: 0 user(s) are browsing this forum 0 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous users