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  1. Anyone able to tell me why this has now appeared? I've never seen it before. Have I unknowingly pressed some button or the other? I've tried the "Fill window" and "Fill window building only" wotsits but it won't go away and is beginning to annoy me. Somewhat.
  2. Despite Mick's reservations about the final roof (I couldn't see what he saw) I took the plunge and submitted the plan to the CA "Tiny House" competition. I feel that I need to post to thank y'all for your assistance with this because I probably would never have got to that stage without your input. Needless to say I feel just a little bit chuffed in that my design came joint 10th in a field of 21 entries to the competition, most of which were by highly qualified professionals. Not rank CAD amateurs like me. Thanks again.
  3. Et Voila! Once again the supposed intellect of a man has been squashed by that of a woman.
  4. Um...Jo_Ann & Mick... I unchecked "roof over this room" because I was told to by Mr Solver here: That I then forget to turn them back on again is merely a sign of my advanced years and the unkindness of this affliction. Even though I have submitted my drawing already I will go and see whether I can create a "proper" roof and, if successful, will submit the new one as, being a weekend, nowt has been done with the first yet.
  5. Perhaps that is the purpose of my being, Mike. I did what you suggested earlier and made sure that the walls were perfectly aligned but it made no difference. So I spent a couple of hours last night doing some jiggery-pokery with invisible walls and ceiling heights and managed to manually put a roof on the building. Not 100% perfect but sufficient for my needs.
  6. The main wall defaults are supposed to be concrete running block on the interior and stone on the exterior for the main portion of the building and the same block on the interior and cladding on the exterior for the bit that just out in the front, Mick. Both have whipped cream as the interior surface colour. If you go to level 0 and deleted the roof planes the walls come back.
  7. I am working on my ground floor. I don't have the foundation level open. The foundation walls align perfectly with the ground floor walls and yet, when I select Build>Roof>Auto Rebuild Roof it sticks the blerry roof on the foundations! This is the first time I've ever tried the function. Normally my roofs have been simple affairs and I have manually created the roof planes without any problems. What am I doing wrong? Tiny Home.plan
  8. I deleted the first floor of a plan using the Build>Floor>Delete Current Floor tool and while the walls and roof have been deleted in the 3D Doll house perspective the concrete floor refuses to go away. Why? Tiny Home.plan
  9. Thanks, Mick. I've printed that article for future reference. It will save me quite a bit of hassle and I assume that once a template has been set up I would still be able to change some things like window/door style and materials etc. on any new individual plan. As an aside, I do so wish that CA would be more economical when they write those articles. Such a waste of paper because of the font size(s) and the triple and quad line spacing between paragraphs.
  10. I haven't the vaguest idea of what you are talking about there, Mick. When I start a new plan I just open HD, click on "New Plan" and start drawing. Am I supposed to do something else as well??? I always make funky walls because I am a fan of SIPS walls and try and create them as accurately as possible to the real thing, sometimes with brick/block external and internal skins such as the castle and sometimes with just a brick external skin and a drywall interior such as this one . In a similar vein I try and use other sources for bricks and stone and stuff because I find the standard HD library selection quite boring. You are right in that I initially selected #7 as the main layer. I did this to try and avoid the weird wall connections that usually occur (the facility to specify that a particular wall type butts another wall is still unavailable almost two years after my suggestion that this be re-instated) but I never thought that, by doing so, the software would suck part of the external brick wall right through the SIPS section and stick it on the other side. That said, I would have fiddled until my village burned to the ground to find what was causing le phenomenon so thank you so much for doing it for me. The main layer is now #4 and the problem has now gone away. In the hope that what I have learned through this topic remains in my memory I remain Yours, Etc.
  11. I can't remember that far back Mick! But aren't default settings specific to a particular plan or am I missing something (which wouldn't be at all unusual)? Am trying to upload the plan again... Petrol station.plan Yay!!! p.s. I hope you have noticed how beautifully crisp and clear my attachments are. I bought a better graphic card.
  12. Every time I start a new plan it seems as if I am presented with something strange that hasn't happened in previous work, which I can't seem to solve and which brings me back to these forums to see what the experts have to say. In this case I have started work on a petrol station (gas station to you folk in the U S of A). I haven't got very far with the plan because I noticed a strange phenomenon in that brick casings that jut out of the wall were being inserted on the interior walls both in 3D Dollhouse view as well as in camera view. I have checked, double checked and thrice checked that I have set the window settings to suppress the casing on both the interior and the exterior of the wall. The exterior is fine but as you will see from the attached images a pox appears on the interior of all the windows and I have failed in every attempt to get rid of them. I await your words of wisdom. Note: I have tried at attach a copy of the plan but it won't upload. It just buffers, and buffers and buffers...
  13. I am now as bored as you are with this subject but thank you for trying to teach something to one of the great unwashed unteachables. I have now changed the staircase back to a bog standard, boring, creativity suppressing HP Pro 2015 timber creation. I am also bored to tears and temperamentally frustrated to the back teeth with my efforts to tell the system that I don't want newels under the handrail on the wall on the right hand side but that it should be newel free just as it is on the left hand side so it can just stay as it blerry well is. K
  14. Thanks, Jo-Ann. Typical woman! Always has an answer! However there seems to be slips between cup and lip. I did as you suggested and copied from your plan to mine but, for some reason the item shrunk in the wash and the scale was very small when I pasted it to my plan ready to move to the correct position. I had to do some dragging/resizing to get it to fit correctly Once this was done I had a wee look at the result with the camera. Oh my! Something has stolen a few newels and balusters!
  15. You could also have a look at these:
  16. Thanks Mick. I'll download that later. I managed to extract the plan using Windows Explorer and now have it sitting in my plan file with all the others. Jo-Ann mentioned then copying it to the castle plan but as far as I am aware you can't copy things from one plan to the other. I then thought that maybe an architectural block saved to the library would work but I can't make one of dem damn dings either.
  17. That's what I thought should happen but when I right click on it I didn't get the expected option to extract (see image below). I ran a Windows update on Saturday night. I wonder whether this has done something to prevent the option coming up?
  18. That was also my experience previously, Katalyst777 which is why I was so puzzled that I had received no e-mail notification of the ticket being responded to. Rather than re-type the whole saga and resend the plan/attachments I suggested that they look at this thread and have a link to it. I have just logged on to Support and saw that there were no outstanding tickets under my name. So I clicked on the ticket I had raised to find that it had been replied to by way of me being told that having to read the topic and access the plan was too long winded and contained too much information for them to handle so I should write it all all over again and open a new ticket with details of the problem, plan and other attachments. The ticket was closed immediately thereafter without me being aware of the reply or the closure. Are e-mails not sent any longer when a ticket is responded to? I'll give some thought as to whether I'll bother raise another ticket about the bug. p.s. Jo-Ann, that second staircase is even more stunning than your first. The only criticism (for want of a better word) I have is that you have made a full railing around the stairwell opening on the upper level. The wall that was drawn between where the last set of risers meets the upper floor and the balcony rail on the left is a support wall for concrete roof panels. That said, you are far more proficient at using this software in its many forms than I will ever be and I know that, no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to emulate what you have drawn.
  19. Hopefully (if I have done the export thing correctly) here are some people and vehicles including bicycles. Vehicles.calibz people.calibz
  20. Thanks again for trying to help me, folks. I agree with Mick's comment on the CA forum that this must be a bug that needs fixing. However, Support have ignored my ticket. It's 11 days now since I submitted it so they either haven't seen it or think that it's not worth responding to. Maybe at some stage in the distant future the ticket will be flagged as not responded to. Or maybe pigs will fly first. In the meantime I've resorted to a bog-standard, boring staircase made of timber and common-or-garden newels and stuff.
  21. It seems as if this is destined to remain an eternal mystery. Support hasn't responded in any way the ticket I raised.
  22. Well, I have just spent 4 hours fiddling with the stairs and gave given up. I even tried placing the railings on the outside of the staircase the result of which almost made me wet my pants laughing. I think the time has come for me to raise a ticket with HD Support to see if they can come up with a solution. Jo-Ann, I couldn't find smoked glass anywhere in the HD library and where are the "material definition" and "texture" wotsits of which you speak? I have filled the style of the floor as hexagon tiles but my camera view still shows the floor as looking like a big sheet of lino with no tile shape definition at all. Thank you both for trying. I'll post anything that HDS come up with.
  23. Bloody hell, Jo-Ann, that looks FANTASTIC!! The 3D rendering is also far superior to what my graphic card produces so I am insanely jealous. And yes, it is the same place for which the moat was abandoned because I couldn't get it right. Just as a matter of interest I have changed the stone wall on the left to match that at the back of the stairwell, i.e. "Castle Support Wall in my wall definitions. More for aesthetic reasons than anything else.