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  1. If you want the floors of the one story home and attached garage to be the same, how do you set the structure dimensions....does that make sense? i designed an attached garage to also house a workshop area and so, i want a continuous flow from interior to garage but if i do the camera view on the outside, the garage is off kilter to the house itself.... hope someone gets my weird question and can help! have a good weekend
  2. floridauk

    2021 update

    should the folder with the program show up as 2021 or will it remain 2020 after i upgraded?
  3. floridauk

    changing fabrics

    was curious if anyone knows why certain pieces of furniture will accept the fabric i add to user library and some wont....this specific would be the Haupt corner sofa....it changes solid colors based on the printed fabric but wont incorporate the print itself....and i wondered does it have to do with the fact it is a multi-seating sofa vs a chair? i was actually impressed i didn't give up....i thought the issue was with all my user library jpg and gif fabric swatches and almost deleted them all.....and it only took me 3 days to figure out that is good for me, by the way! have a good week
  4. Thanks, David, very much, for the guidance and amazingly, i think i get it!! will be thrilled to learn as all the designs i do have this issue... I really appreciate you taking the time out to reply....have a nice weekend warmly jackie
  5. after the professionals stop laughing at me, i wondered if someone could guide me.... the homes i lived in with garages either had a garage floor level with the kitchen door you entered through or just a slight step up and so that is what i am familiar with. when i design a home and add the garage and some of the grouped utility areas, the garage floor is afoot or more lower than the door you enter the home with and some of the workshop storage is floating at the height of the kitchen floor. is this altered only after creating the property perimeter and how or could someone tell me how to adjust the garage floor to match the rest of the home i designed and i am not ashamed to say i am called learning disabled and on the autism spectrum....sort of like the guys and amy on big bang theory except my husband is the genius....so it helps if you are kind and sort of give A>B>C> steps so i dont spend 2 weeks trying to figure it out.....you know, we are smart but thick!!! thanks for your time
  6. thanks, eric....yes, i was hoping i could create a single object.....someday i will own pro. i did sort of come up with the idea you present and you made it clearer so i will take the tip and do it again....askiing is the only way to learn and so, thanks!!
  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply. i have home designer suite 2015 64 bit.....i hope to own the professional software in the future because i design homes under 1000sf and have quite a few i would love to publish/sell anyway, i use the solid shape cube and shelf feature [from the kitchen cabinets toolbox] to design the items like this one......i just spent about 45 minutes creating the levels manually....and i am off one inch at the top because i calculated something wrong....and that is why i would love to copy the individual modular shelf and legs and just raise it to the right height.....i am smart but quite thick at times!!! actually, i am on the autism spectrum and also have learning difficulties which actually means i just process information in a different way so conforming to 'normal ways'...well, i get darn frustrated but i LOVE designing!! so, if you have a solution, i would appreciate it because this is what i go through....i now will disassemble or delete the shelves i copied and raised in individual pieces because i cant figure out where i went wrong....what shelf is off 1 inch pathetic, huh!!!!!
  8. hi i am designing a bench style shelf system for our front window. it looks a bit chunky because i havent decided some dimensions but needed to get it on paper for my consultant husband. it is designed like a picnic bench with 5 horizontal slats, 4 cross braces beneath the slats and 8 legs. there will be 4 units. this is the bottom one so at a 14 inch height. is there a way i can copy the bench and simply raise it another 14 inches as a whole or do i have to copy it and change it individually by each part...? i was just curious thanks added an overhead view pic of smaller section to sort of explain the slat design...hope it makes sense ...it is a 4 shelf system so bottom section 14 inches from floor, 2nd is 28 inches up, 3rd is 50 inches from floor and 4th is 70 inches....so i am trying to duplicate the collection of slats but raise the other 3 selections to their raised heigth without having to retype each individual board at new height...hope that clears it up a little
  9. ooohhhh....thanks so much!!!! my hubby is a geek, programmer....so i will get to tell him the rare 'you were wrong' !!! thanks and have a good holiday...i appreciate you taking the time to write...now i will see just how long my learning curve is!!! : ~ D .
  10. my husband says the term is vector points.....the almost-circle planter bed in the pre-designed 'POOL POND' has many vector points but when i select the terrair feature, such as the kidney shape, it has just 4 vector points. how or where was the long plant bed [the raised walled planter] created that has all the vector points to change the shape as opposed to the standard terrain features which have only 4 or 5 vector points.......hope that makes a little more sense
  11. floridauk

    Terrain Feature

    Hi i know the answer is a basic one but i can't figure it out the location of the item i am asking about is: CORE CATALOG - EXTERIOR - RECREATION - POOLS, SPAS & WATERFRONT - POOLS - POOL BLOCKS - POOL POND after you explode the design, you have a long, curved planter bed that kind of encloses the pool and sitting area. the planter bed is a shape that has many points where you can alter the shape....i know there is a formal name for the dots you can move but i cant think of it if i go to terrain features and select a kidney feature or a rectangular or round feature, there are only a few 'dots' to grap onto to change the shape i want to create a shape similar to the one in the POOL POND design myself that similarly wraps around a seating area. i tried using the shaped planter in the exploded design but it is difficult getting the shape the way i want how do i create a similar planter ned with the many adjustable 'dots' rather than just the 3 or 4 on the terrain features i hope this makes sense because it is driving me crazy!!! trying to explain to my husband, i knocked a full glass of coffee on myself, the couch and several throw pillows.....that gave me a laundry break but now i am back to trying to create my own long, circular shaped planter bed and i cant thanks ahead of time to anyone who knows what i mean!! j