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  1. I had tried the dutch gable approach but didn't understand that I could alter the lower pitch to 3". Thank you so very much for your kind assistance. Kevin Kilpatrick
  2. Selected each outside railing segment, Railing specification dialog box, Roof dialog box, clicked on Hip Wall; Pitch = 3"; checked Upper Pitch; Upper Pitch = 10"; In From Baseline = 98"; the rest as default. Kevin Kilpatrick Home Designer Pro, 2021
  3. blackbeard

    Wrapped Porches

    Just started using HD Pro 2021 this month and run into a perplexing problem. A standard Cape Cod structure with gabled east west ends. Full wrap around porch. (See Plan View 1). In 3D view, the east west ends are no longer gabled. See 3D View 1. The east west walls still indicate full gable. See Wall - Roof Dialog View 1. How can this be corrected? Kevin Kilpatrick Home Designer Pro 2021
  4. I can do that. Just build my own. What are soffits and partitions for anyway. :-) Many, many thanks. blackbeard
  5. I do apologize for leaving the word architect out of my signature line notwithstanding the first sentence implied that.. The built in help system didn't help. Nor did Knowledge Base or anything else for that matter. My graphics card Nvidia GTX1050 has the latest driver as well. So, any suggestions. Blackbeard
  6. Using HDA v18, build My fireplace does not display correctly in any view. See images full camera front, elevation 1 side; and elevation 2 front. In all three, the fireplace appears to be dropped down below the first floor level. But when I check the fireplace dialog box, last image, the Floor to Bottom value is set to 0. Further, if one looks closely at the three images, you will notice the guidelines are all at proper position based on the dialog box. I have closed and reopened the application. I have restarted my computer. Nothing seems to fix the display problem. Other
  7. Thank you very much. Turning off the auto rebuild worked. Kevin
  8. blackbeard

    Knee Wall Issue

    I am having knee wall issues. I have drawn a basic cape code, two rear manually drawn dormers, two bedrooms, hall, and a bath. See attached image. When I push out the bathroom wall into the attic space, the roof decides to push up which it should not do. My roof is 12 in 12; the finished floor height is 95 5/8". All east/west walls are set to knee wall. Each room structure is set to ceiling over space. I didn't have this problem with 2014 edition. Any suggestions? (Hopefully a solution will also fix the wall-less dormers on 3D view.) Kevin Kilpatrick HDA 2017
  9. Finding a bug wouldn't be the first time for me. I'll report it to support. kevink
  10. I did provide the product and version, first sentence. ( Home Designer Architect) HDA, (version) 2015 along with the build value. As to using the door dialog box, arch, that setting puts a true semi-circle and not an ellipse. DJP, do you have any suggestions? kevink
  11. Using HDA 2015; Build 16.4.1; intel based pc. From the Library Browser, selected Architectural, Doors & Doorways, Wrapped Openings, Ellipse (Trim) and places on an interior wall, (Interior 4). Opening the camera, the doorway is an arch as it should be. Opened the properties for the doorway, changed the width from 42" to 72" and the height from 80" to 84". Again, opening the camera but now the wrapped opening is a standard square door opening. What happened to the arch? Using the doorway properties dialog box, arch, puts a true semi circle arch and not an ellipse. The prior versi