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  1. Hello all, I'm having trouble resizing the width of a stair case in either U-shaped and L-shaped structure. After the stair width is changed for both ascending sections, the landing keeps disconnecting and placing itself on the floor. Resizing the landing doesn't seem to reconnect it. Any suggestions? Many thanks.
  2. Hi there folks, How do you make vaulted ceilings over one part of an open concept room (great room/dining room) on the main floor but have a connected room (kitchen) on the same floor have ceilings? See attached photos. Also, how do make wooden beams along the ceiling and for doorway posts? Thanks!!!
  3. Hi Eric, Thanks for your response. I changed my signature to include the version. I'm using Home Designer Suite 2020. I don't think it's the lighting because I was able to change the colour of one wall to white and in the same room the other walls still look grey. Although, I'm very new to this software and likely don't know what I'm doing yet.
  4. Hi there, I'm trying to paint walls white, and selected white colour from the materials menu, but the walls are showing a light grey colour. In one instance, one wall appears white but I can't get the other walls to appear white (see screenshot). Additionally, I'm having the same issue when trying to make cabinets (surface, doors, drawers) white as well. Also, some walls used to make closets will show white on the insides but not the outside. Any suggestions? Thanks!