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    Foundation is separated from floor

    I am new to HD so bare with me and go easy on the berating!! HA. Ok...I have completed my floor plan but for some reason the floor is separated from the foundation in all but the garage. In looking at the various room "structures" it appears I have told the program to place a ceiling below the floor I need to do Footings and stem walls with a concrete slab on grade. If I rebuild my plan with just a Slab on Grade, it all looks good but due to ground conditions and topography, I will not be doing a simple slab on grade. Is this a set up issue? Any help, even just a simple direction would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim ​
  2. JPHall_HCMLLC

    Roof has double pitch

    Ok....I just figured I couldn't do what I am wanting to do which is a 3/4 width shed dormer. The main pitch is 14/12 which is intercepted by a shed dormer of a 3/12. I am really at a loss but looking at this, I am guessing it is possible! Looks amazing. Nice work!