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  1. David,  I'm wanting to know how to turn of "fill" in a section or detail similar to Screen shot-1 so that i just get a nice unfilled line representation. Screen shot -2  is what i get when I send the detail to a layout

    screen shot-1.png

    screen shot -2.png

    1. DavidJPotter


      Image one above is vector based (just lines and fills). Like in 2D AutoCAD, just lines and fill patterns, all 2D


      Image two was produced by a 3D camera based upon pixels and image-based materials, created in Home Designer.


      In other words two completely different, if similar in appearance, one is not equal to the other.



  2. Steelplayer

    Layouts 24x36 In Arch/Pro

    Does anyone know if the sheet size 24x36 layout can be used in Architectural-Pro? Currently only goes to 18x24