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    Unwanted Roof Plane

    Sorry - Home Designer Suite 2016
  2. RefurbsWendy

    Unwanted Roof Plane

    Yes, I'm new and learning - just looking for anything that might help explain why I have this rando roof plane coming out of the top of the house. I've tried rebuilding the foundation and roof, aligning walls, and searching through a zillion videos and help things...I've also submitted a ticket, but they must be busy over there I'm not really sure what the issue actually is so perhaps I'm searching incorrectly. I appreciate any assistance on figuring this out.
  3. RefurbsWendy

    Gable Roof with missing exterior wall material

    I've had some luck with messing with the invisible box - David is right though, this is where I've been able to remedy the problem most, but working on the attic level.