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    Move entire building

    Thanks for the comments - I guess as the owner or client I am trying to use HD Pro as a 3D visualisation tool at this early stage of concept design for the beach side site which will be built out over several stages, including eventual demolition of existing buildings. It seems as though HD Pro doesn't have simple architectural 'building block' type tools which can easily be used like this for conceptualisation, the blocks would then fitted with doors, windows and landscaped with a few paths, fences, power poles, water meters, swimming pools, tin sheds and plants, put the sun shading on to confirm views and other sight lines in a 3D walkthrough. Being able to select a general building type i.e. straw bale, tin shed, lightweight insulated (weatherboard), single and double brick, ceiling height and roofs would be enough to get a rough room plan layout sized out up to a couple of stories. Throw in a few toilets, sinks, chairs, beds and tables or rough blocks again to check the interior dimensions actually work. The tool is actually constraining the design concepts at the moment I have a 4x4 meter tin shed which is currently represented by an insulated clad building with a hipped roof and eaves - hard work to clear out stuff that isn't required at this stage. The building designer will do the actual build plans but I now understand why making a simple plan change even this early in the process is so painful and why so many new buildings are located badly in their landscapes with windows in the wrong places. I will press on to get my rough walkthrough and then enjoy doing the detailed interiors.
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    Move entire building

    That makes things difficult - I have two buildings and several garden sheds which I want to move around and position on the carefully drawn sloping terrain before I really start actually getting into the details of the insides.