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  1. I have a house drawn on a stem wall foundation and because of zoning may need to convert to a pier & beam. I thought would be incredibly easy to do but doesn't appear so and I can't find any topics regarding this, looked through the videos... Little help please? This is the house...
  2. G'day there - I recently added further regarding your tilting sun sail shades query on the forum. It may be of interest to you - using the roof tool and other objects.


  3. I can't find a way for the cupola's to display on the elevations for the plan set I'm creating. Am I doing something wrong here?? PAWS 14vrun Dog POD Engineered elevations 122919.pdf
  4. I have the Sail Shades catalog installed and need to tilt the sails instead of them being on a flat plane. Can this be done?