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  1. G'day there - I recently added further regarding your tilting sun sail shades query on the forum. It may be of interest to you - using the roof tool and other objects.


  2. RobinSRBFL

    Can a roof Cupola be set to display in elevations? HD Pro 2020

    Thank you David!!!!
  3. I can't find a way for the cupola's to display on the elevations for the plan set I'm creating. Am I doing something wrong here?? PAWS 14vrun Dog POD Engineered elevations 122919.pdf
  4. RobinSRBFL

    Tilting Sun Sail Shades in HD Pro 2020

    Roger that. Thanks
  5. RobinSRBFL

    Tilting Sun Sail Shades in HD Pro 2020

    I have the Sail Shades catalog installed and need to tilt the sails instead of them being on a flat plane. Can this be done?