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    How do I create a roof over a roof?

    is it an awning? My library has a bunch of awnings in EXTERIOR ATTACHMENTS.
  2. conqueso

    How do you dulicate a building?

    You can create a copy of your plan by doing File> Save As and give the copy a different name.
  3. That is true, I had it happen on both my desktop and my laptop so I guess it's a pretty common occurance.
  4. conqueso

    Missing toolbars

    Renaming the toolbars folder as per the instructions worked! Kat to the rescue again! (I guess I should start searching the Knowledge Base before asking questions here? )
  5. conqueso

    Missing toolbars

    I don't have a View> Toolbars? A reinstall didn't make a difference either.
  6. conqueso

    Missing toolbars

    Spoke too soon. Not getting the readonly error anymore, but now when I start the program, I'm missing all the toolbars! Any more ideas?
  7. This fixed it up, thank you!
  8. I get this error trying to launch Home Designer after updating my computer's operating system to Windows 10. The System Requirements page on the website says it should be compatible. What is the problem?