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  1. Brilliant - thanks! Now I can control slabs Only one reason it might not work for me in this particular situation, although that might be my fault for not thinking about it in the right way to start with, is that the squares I already made to represent the types of paving slabs I would be buying, I spent ages tweaking a material that had a tile grid texture on it so that you can just see the dark edges around the edge of the slabs. That means when I duplicate and arrange them, their grid stays relative to the individual slabs so I can always see the grout lines. In a Build->Slab type of item, the pattern seems to remain relative to the world, so as I move them, they can get the grout lines crossing in the middle of the slab etc. Also they are happy to be dragged to overlap, which makes it not as easy to lay them. But your video will definitely help with other situations I may need, so thank you
  2. Hmm well I've just gone and tried that but I can't seem to control the dimensions (only the thickness), or get the hypoteneuse straight when I pull in a corner handle. When you buy paving slabs from Wickes they are standard sizes. I think the geometric shapes are the only items that offer sufficient shape and dimensional control. And it won't let me pull in the middle like you have it in your second image.
  3. Tried what you suggested - reshaping one of my slabs. What did you use as the base object? I used the closed box geometric shape. Should I start from a different base object?
  4. Yes I tried that - the shape insists on remaining rectangular. I can make any size or shape of rectangle I want. I want one that looks like a square sidewalk concrete slab but cut in half diagonally. I can't find a picture of one already done as they are usually cut on-site
  5. I have looked carefully and all the wedges are standing on edge. I have got around it by rotating a square slab 45 degrees and sinking it a few mm below the height of the square slabs so that it looks like a square slab cut in half (which is how the landscapers would have to do it anyway) Oddly enough, the half spheres can be rotated upside down, and so can some of the other geometric shapes (HD Pro) but not the wedges. If you think I have missed seeing something can you attach a screenshot of the shape you're referring to?
  6. Sounds like I can't have my triangular paving slabs then? I found the wedges, sized one, but cannot lay it flat.
  7. Hmm I am experimenting with the custom countertops, but drop-in sinks drop down to the level of the (now topless) units looking like undermounted ones. They cut the worktop but then forget its there and once you have the sink sitting over the cabinet you can't raise the height of the sink it seems.
  8. Yeah it's just not as precise as typing in the measurements for overhang - trying to line everything up by eye. Ok what I will probably do while I am creating layout is keep the overhang - culled or not - then when I am finally happy with the layout will make the custom one to look right. Thanks both of you, I thought it was just me not knowing how to turn off culling, but it seems we're stuck with it
  9. Will the custom countertop "stick" to the relevant base unit that the sink is attached to? And will the sink cut it? The reason I went for the overhangs was due to the ability to have them overhang by the precise amount and move with the cabinet and sink. You see I am still pulling objects around a lot trying to work out a good layout, so it's handy to have it as overhangs like this
  10. In HD Architectural 2019 I am using a cabinet with a 600mm left side countertop overhang to emulate my real life custom steel worktop/sink combo. This overhang is *supposed* to span over adjacent cabinets, but every time I get the sink cabinet near to the one it's meant to be next to, the countertop overhang vanishes. Is there a way to suppress this behaviour?
  11. IngeJones

    U-stairs width

    I have Essentials 2018. Is it correct that I cannot specify the stair width of U-shaped stairs other than by editing each leg seperately, and then ruining the landing? Is there no way to resize the entire assembly as one unit, or to say what width the staircase should be before placing it?
  12. I have Home Designer Essentials 2016 and I believe I am meant to be able to import my own 3d models as library objects? However, I do not have the File> Import> 3D Symbol option. Do I need to upgrade my product in order to access this feature?
  13. Nifty! Thank you David. Then I can nudge the wall using my arrow keys and watch the dimension value change till I have the size I want. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that for me.
  14. Thank you, I am using Home Designer Essentials. I have tried following this page: but when I select the wall, the internal dimension as shown in the illustration does not appear. I have only the external ones. I would be grateful if someone would tell me where to turn it on, or find the tool. Edit: Oh, I don't think that is in my version. Is there an alternative way for me?
  15. I have measured the inside of my room. I cannot measure the outside. Now I want to draw a room to match the internal measurements. How do I draw the walls so they obey the required internal dimensions? It seems to me I can either get them to obey the middle or the outer edge but not the actual room size! I have tried dragging them but it's impossible to drag them just the right amount.