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  1. When I create a new post, my signature shows an old version including "X15". I've changed my profile, but the signature hasn't changed. What more do I need to do? Thanks, -Ken
  2. Following on my original post, is there a way in HD Architectural to toggle textures "on" (thereby overriding the displayed pattern) in the base floor plan view?
  3. I know that one can create clipped cross sections of walls in HD Pro, but I've only got Architectural. For building permits, how have you created wall cross sections when you didn't have HD Pro? Basic drawing tools? Thanks, -Ken
  4. @y-g-m-n Hmmm, sorry, but I don't understand what you're telling me. How do I open cabinet drawers or doors? What's "pan" view? Just so you know, my signature isn't displaying what I've entered into my profile. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2024, not Chief Architect. Thanks, -Ken
  5. @Rookie65 Keith, I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2024. I've updated my signature to eliminate the confusing "X15". @y-g-m-n I've attached a screenshot of the "Select Materials" dialogue. Is this the "material screen" you referred to? If "yes", I don't see a choice for library or plan.
  6. If I create a 15" deep cabinet, and put doors on it, and then I put a 15" cabinet without doors right next to it, both objects in the floor plan view look the same, but the one with doors is clearly deeper when viewed in 3D. Is there a way that I can see the doors when in 2D mode? Thanks, -Ken
  7. I see that the default material for the finish on a wall cabinet is White Lacquer. The default finish on a partition is a walnut. I'd like to change the partition default finish to White Lacquer. Where should I be able to find that material? Thanks, -Ken