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  1. georgiapatriot

    Shed Roof between Gables

    Thank you Jo Ann. It kinda worked but it moved the main body ridge which I didn't want to do.
  2. georgiapatriot

    Shed Roof between Gables

    It worked but it changed the main body ridge height at a length the same as the length of the porch. As if the "run" in that section of the roof had an additional 6' (depth of porch) added to it. How can I keep the main body ridge from moving?
  3. georgiapatriot

    Shed Roof between Gables

    I'm designing a small house (rectangle) with 2 small gables on the front of the home. In between those 2 gables is where I have a porch, and I simply want to place a shed roof over the porch in between the two gables. When I try it, I get all kind of screwy roof designs. I've attached an elevation of the plan. Please help. The main body roof is on an 8/12 but I'm going to put that shed roof over the porch on a 4/12
  4. georgiapatriot

    2 roof pitches

    I've got a 6' deep, 24' wide inset porch that is covered by the main body 4/12 hip roof. I have put a deck rail across the outside opening of the inset porch and have successfully put a gable roof over it. But for the life of me I can not change that gable pitch to a 9/12 to save me arse! I can specify it to be a 9/12 and hit the build roof button but to no avail. ready to pour gas on the computer...