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  1. Jasontmf

    Moving exterior walls

    I would upload the plan but it's telling me it's to large.
  2. Jasontmf

    Moving exterior walls

    So I enlarged the bathroom by moving and exterior wall by 3 ft. The roof and foundation wall didn't move with it. Ive tried all i can and i'm just not getting anywhere. What am im missing here?
  3. Jasontmf

    Roof Gables Please help!

    Got it thanks for the help fellas.
  4. Jasontmf

    Roof Gables Please help!

    Im almost there! The gables all connect and the baselines are correct. This high wall is the final hurdle.
  5. Jasontmf

    Roof Gables Please help!

    And i cant get this gable end gable to line up with the main house. I want a high wall on the left side of the man door
  6. Jasontmf

    Roof Gables Please help!

    Thank you, I was able to get a few of them to work with the join roof planes tool but not all. Also the gutter boards dont line up
  7. Jasontmf

    Roof Gables Please help!

    So i wanted a taller pitch on the 4 gables coming off the main house. I read all the knowledge base material and watched videos. I half way figured it out. Although i am left with the gables not even connecting main roof at the top.
  8. Jasontmf

    Shed Roof over a porch between two Gables

    Yes that is what i'm trying to achieve. I have Home Designer Pro 2018
  9. Having trouble getting the main roof to line up with a shed roof. Honeystone House.plan