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  1. Thanks all. I ended up reverting all my levels back to "natural" and drew the line in the elevations then set the levels back to the proposed ones. This also provided an opportunity to question some of the new levels and whether they really needed to change from what is currently there so a worthwhile exercise.
  2. obviously. But it's not a simple block so I was hoping there is some way the tool can calculate it instead of me having to calculate all the heights, etc to draw it.
  3. For my planning submission to council, I need to show the natural ground level (i.e. before any site works/cut and fill - not finished ground level) as a line on my elevations. I have the levels from the site survey but of course my plan (and elevations) show the finished ground level. Any idea how I can add a line that shows the natural ground level on my elevations? I'm using Home Designer Pro 2024.
  4. Thanks both. Deleting the window and putting everything back worked.
  5. I need to add a glass sliding door on this wall under this window (where circled) but HD Pro 2024 won't let me. There was a door here under the window but at some point it seems to have disappeared and now i can't put it back. Any idea why??