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  1. I'm having a few issues with the terrain particularly in front of the garage doors, its kind of "spikey". I checked for any random elevation points or regions but can't see anything in particular that would cause this. This area used to have gravel but I deleted that layer so I could try to see what's going on with the terrain. Also for some reason the program is running very slow today. Takes minutes to toggle between views. Yesterday it worked fine, today was very slow from startup. Any ideas on what would be taxing the program? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. So I'm trying to place two floating dormers on the roof and I get a message that the second dormer is too close to the other dormer. I plan on putting it over the double window (see attached). Not sure if there is a work around for this? Any ideas?
  3. When I tried that it did nothing. I wound up just changing the exterior to pavers and interior to stone , then switched back to the proper siding and drywall. It worked. I guess that is a work around.
  4. Thanks for the help, all fixed. Not sure why the siding was still marked as pavers, it clearly wasn’t in the view. I actually figured out how to fix the roof also.
  5. Also , some back story, I initially designed this in HD Architectural but recently upgraded to pro. The house was almost completely done but when I uploaded it to pro I had a bunch of things move and change. The roof went from a cape style to a high shed and a bunch of the grading went haywire. I had to fix a few things .Thanks again for any help.
  6. Hi thanks for the help. I finally got it to revert to the proper layers by reassigning them as another covering I.E. stone , then changing back to either siding or drywall respectively. Seems to have tricked it to change. I've attached my plan for the invisible framing issue on the gable ends. There is also another problem where Im trying to have the rafters extend to the sill plate and support the porch roof onto them. If anyone has any ideas how this could be done I'd appreciate it. Thanks PA House.plan
  7. Hello, I am having some issues with a project that I have in HDP 2024. One of my gable walls isn’t showing framing, although plan view shows a wall there. Also for some unknown reason I now have drywall on the front exterior and siding on the interior. Checked the wall definition and it is correct. All these things seemed to happen on their own. I closed out everything and reopened but it still shows up the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.