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  1. Thanks for your help. I think I like option 1 better. Hope I'm not going to wear out my welcome but I'm going to post another question in a minute.
  2. Thanks for your info. Hopefully I got my signature as you suggested. I'll check out your other suggestions and get back to you. I have "Flat Ceiling", "Roof Over this Room" and "Shelf Ceiling" checked in the structural properties of these rooms. That is what gave me the configuration in the screen shot in my original post. When I just checked Shelf Ceiling, I got a ceiling at 18'
  3. Just started with Home Designer Pro 2023. I'm trying to help my local Volunteer Fire Department with preliminary layout of a new firehouse to present to our Board of Supervisors. They have requested to have 5 rooms in the bay area with 8' ceilings. The bay area has 18' ceilings. How do I get the interior walls to match the 8' ceilings? I'm completely new at this, so any advice on my topic or how I should present my questions in this forum will be greatly appreciated.