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  1. Again, thank you very much. I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Looks like if nothing else I'll at least learn how to ask for help. I'm not sure what I changed to cause the roof problem. I didn't think I changed anything but the wall height for the rooms. I was working with the 3d overall and dollhouse open. I just closed them before uploading, because not really understanding the file structure of Home Design, I thought the file size would be smaller.
  2. I have a simple building. I made just to work with roofs. When I started I made the default wall height 18'. Drew my exterior walls, then selected the room on the left and the one on the right to make the walls 8'. Then checked out the auto roof. The only thing I was able to get correct was the shed roof on the right. As you will see when opening the file the rest of the roof is a disaster. What I'm trying to get is simply a full gable on the short sides with a pitch of 4/12. I don't have any interior walls in yet, so not sure if I did, would I treat those rooms differently. As in do I specify roofs over each room? I have looked at and followed along with many roof tutorials, but always accepted the defaults and things worked as I thought they should. So I guess it is something I did changing the default settings. Also as you can see the material on 2 walls is not correct the whole way up or down. I want the wall inside the roof to be sheetrock, but siding above the roof. As always thank you very much for your help. Roof Test.plan
  3. Thank you, somehow I got 2 windows in the lower left wall, then copied them 3 times. I knew it was something stupid I did, but at this point, I don't know what I don't know.
  4. I placed the windows on the side of the garage in the attached file. Need to place them in the proper location, but when I select a window, I can't edit the dimension. The small standard window in the back of the garage works as I expected, but none of the windows on the side work for me. Please, what am I doing wrong? I was expecting to need help on this as I will need to customize the windows to have a bigger than normal lintel along with some other customization, but not on how to move the darn thing. Thank you for your help and if there are videos out there that show how to customize window and door frames, please point me in the right direction on that too Thanks again. Daniel Garage 1.plan
  5. Thank you very much for your input on this. I will try your solution later. As I am very new at this and right now I'm just trying to help our Volunteer Fire Department get a layout for submittal to our Board of Supervisors for their approval. After that they will get a real architect to properly design this building. What I did to get the visuals was selected the wall surfaces that extended above my 8' roof and pulled them down. That left the posts extending up. I selected them and it would not let me pull them down, but when I pulled them along the wall, they disappeared. I'm pretty sure that the structure is not correct and would not be acceptable for a real design, but for now this will be ok. I also think it may be better to have these rooms outside the big structure. This will make the bay area with 18' walls smaller. These rooms would then be just outside the bay area and would have a shed roof.
  6. Thanks for your help. I think I like option 1 better. Hope I'm not going to wear out my welcome but I'm going to post another question in a minute.
  7. Thanks for your info. Hopefully I got my signature as you suggested. I'll check out your other suggestions and get back to you. I have "Flat Ceiling", "Roof Over this Room" and "Shelf Ceiling" checked in the structural properties of these rooms. That is what gave me the configuration in the screen shot in my original post. When I just checked Shelf Ceiling, I got a ceiling at 18'
  8. Just started with Home Designer Pro 2023. I'm trying to help my local Volunteer Fire Department with preliminary layout of a new firehouse to present to our Board of Supervisors. They have requested to have 5 rooms in the bay area with 8' ceilings. The bay area has 18' ceilings. How do I get the interior walls to match the 8' ceilings? I'm completely new at this, so any advice on my topic or how I should present my questions in this forum will be greatly appreciated.