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  1. Thanks JoAnn. This seems to be the most common advice. As a newbie it seems counter-intuitive, and I am wondering why creating a terrain perimeter existing first creates problems. There must be some side effects I am not aware of. Thanks so much!!
  2. Maxie, This seems like a nice solution as it just seems so natural to conform to the constraints that are in place now as opposed to a de novo home design that is not even on a property yet. Your solution seems to be a good way to achieve this. I still am in the dark about **why** its not a good idea to start out by drawing a terrain. I just see advice to start out with the house. I suppose this is because I am new to the software and maybe the answer is self-evident after doing a drawings, but as a newbie it seems counter-intuitive and so far I haven't found an explanation in the docs or the knowledge base. Thanks so much for this!
  3. Hello all, Quite new here and have looked around but I did not see any clear-cut guidance on this topic. I have recently moved and I'd like to document the home and yard's current state, from which I can build out new modifications, starting first with outdoor patio and landscaping, possibly some interior renovations at a later date. My question is, is there a best place/item with which to start? For me it seems like I would start with the property lines and elevations then build up the home from there, but some posts have indicated that maybe one should start with the home itself. I assumed this advice was meant for a de novo building situation, but not sure. Also, I am assuming it doesn't really matter if when drawing the home, I use inside or outside measurements, so long as setup my wall material/total thickness appropriately. Thanks so much for any sage advice from the experts. Rob
  4. Hello, Looking to upgrade my Macbook Pro and wondering if Home Designer Pro works as expected on macOS 13.01 (Ventura) Thanks! Rob
  5. Can you please add an FAQ item that addresses the use of drawing tablets/displays such as Wacom/Huion and others? I have a macbook Pro M1 and am purchasing a drawing tablet. I'd like to know how well this configuration is supported.
  6. I am purchasing a drawing display (similar to pen tablet but is a display as well) and have a new macbook pro with M1 chip. I'd also like to here others' experiences with the software and drawing tablets/displays. Is this well supported? I am purchasing the Huion Kamvas Pro 16" 4K.