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    Thanks to all.
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    Jo_Ann i did a quick look but did not see those Templates you mentioned. i did see plain "Cottage" but not the others. i need to look more. i did not see a Samples folder either. maybe they are on the CD only and not installed. i will post a follow-up. thanks for the help.
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    Thanks David, the manual procedure worked perfectly. only question is what if i want a 12' width? what should each side be roughly to start with. the tutorial uses 6' per side and that gives about 14'5" width. i want to start with "width" instead of feet per side. i haven't tried to figure it out, i'm sure i just need to play with it a little to figure it out.
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    Thanks, I will try that "manual" procedure over the next day or two and report back.
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    Home Designer 9.0 Build Does anyone know if any of the "Sample Floor Plans" has a Gazebo that can be Copied and Pasted? . Someone had found an Arched Doorway ahile back and it would be nice to find a Gazebo. . Otherwise, is there a good online tutorial that would guide me thru that, getting all 8 side equal, etc. Thanks
  6. i do not have "Pro". an older version called Home Designer 9.0 i do have a current "terrain" but the older one with an odd shaped perimeter still shows it black outline.
  7. I have Home Designer 9.0 My plan view still shows the black outline of an old terrain boundry. it cannot be selected. it is just the black outline, it does not show in camera or any other 3d view. does anyone know of a way to make it go away???
  8. I have created what i want in sketchup but I don't see where i can import a .skp file in Home Designer 9.0 Is there a way??
  9. Yes, i had thought of the wedge/inverted wedge, but the "Point" of exit of light from the projector would be as wide as the wedge and not a "point" so the spread would not be accurate vs ceiling fan placement.
  10. I have Home Designer 9.0 This version does not allo me to create a custom "polygon". I would like to use the PYRAMID shape but i need it to tilt over 90 degrees. is there a way to save the existing PYRAMID shape into User Libraries so i can "rotate" it 90 degrees?? What i am trying to do is use this "pyramid shape" as the displayed "light" field coming from a Projector to see if this light field will clear a fan which is in the path, but the fan "may be" high enough to not cause a shadow on the projector screen. The Point of the pyramid would be placed at the projector lens location and
  11. I used to increase the cabinet depth 1" and bury backsplash in the wall, but it became a problem to align multiple cabinets that same exact 1" within the wall. And they like to "snap" to a wall. the Material "Opening (no material)" for Backsplash works perfectly every time. I found that answer on the innerweb here: http://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00989/ I have Home Designer 9.0
  12. Go to cabinet materials, Backsplash, under Misc, there is a selection called "Opening (no material)"