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  1. Thanks again for all the replies. It is so nice to have this many answers! So I eventually got the backsplash to not show. The way that worked for me and my version was setting the cabinet deeper into the wall. Unfortunately, this makes my plan now somewhat sloppy and inaccurate, but I am only using this for modeling purposes anyway. I was excited to try the "opening" material, which I selected for both uppers and lowers but I think my version didn't comprehend. The lines still showed in Vector View and Elevation. I attached a picture of what it looked like when I selected "opening". It just turned the material white. The other pictures show which toggle to drag when putting cabinets deep into the wall. I also had to turn off all the snaps. Other than that, I am now happy that I do not have to edit this in photoshop! Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks for your replies. There is no option to turn it off in the upper cabinets in Architectural. But I'm loving the soffit idea, I will try that out. If that doesn't work, I could probably take it into photoshop and touch up those spots too. Thanks for catching me on that desk height, the book I was reading suggested 24" to the base of the countertop, but I just measured my own desk and it is more like 27, and I'm short!
  3. So I'm a newbie to Home Designer Architectural 2015 on MacBook Pro. I am having trouble getting the backsplash not to show a thickness. In the images attached you can see that there is still a thickness, even though I have set the backsplash to 0". I do not want these lines to show I missing an option somewhere?