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  1. Good Evening, everyone! I was hoping there might be a way to rotate a 360 Backdrop within a given camera view. I went to my lot and took a 360 picture of it, with the North side facing front and center (as the house faces north front and center as well) but when I import the panorama, it places the East side of the image in the center. I've uploaded the image for your reference. The tree/lake/mountain view should be center (and is due north, as my house faces in my file) but instead, I'm seeing the far right side of that image dead center. So really, I just need to know if there is a way to rotate the 360 backdrop to line up properly. I'm not seeing anything when I "Open Object" to help. Thank you all very much! John
  2. Thank you for the advice - my signature has been updated to reflect "Home Designer Pro 2022"
  3. Thank you in advance for any help someone can provide! I'm on HOME DESIGNER PRO. Disclaimer: I DID see this topic mentioned in a post from 2012, and there was no workaround, but I am hoping one has been implemented since then. I am currently attempting to apply a different color/texture to the exterior of my window casings, but no matter what I do, the interior ones change with it. I can't readily find an option to unlink these, or manually set these options separately, so I'm wondering if I'm missing out on how to do this? Is it the case that it's still not possible to have differing interior/exterior window casings? Thank you all again for your help! John