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  1. voltechs

    Pony Wall

    Why does anyone need to start a new thread? I was contributing my experience to OPs question. Scattering a forum with 100 of the same question is a great way to proliferate the disorganization of information. This is fine
  2. voltechs

    Pony Wall

    Hmmm, not super helpful. I haven't found an option either. Replacing the wall wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for all the windows/doors etc that I've also got attached to the wall. I can see that for the most part it really just comes down to the "components" of the wall, but so far I haven't been successful in copying those across walls either. This is a bummer. I'll report back if I somehow stumble onto a solution. This is my first post here on these forums—is there any representation from CA officials? If so, maybe someone will chime in, although I'm not hopeful, as it's been over a year.