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  1. I am using Home Designer Architectural X11 / 2020 when I downloaded it it says bthings like bread loaf, pizza, pizza box, pizza slice, etc just to name a few which aren't in the download. Just wondering why not. it says it's for my application?
  2. I downloaded this and donn't have half the items that are supposed to be it it!!!
  3. boozilla47933

    Pony Wall

    Is there a way to change a regular exterior wall to a Pony wall or do I have to delete it and replace it with a pony wall and the add all the electrical, windows, doors, etc back in again? I have Home Designer Architectural X11 / 2020. I have a complete plan drawn up but decided that I want to make the exterior wall half brick and half siding! When i click on exterior wall there is no option to chaange it to a pony wall that I can see.