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  1. I am unable to import a DXF file into my Home Designer Pro. When I enter File, Import, then browse to the folder that contains the .dxf file, it appears as if there is no content in the folder. When I view the folder outside of the import function the file is in the folder. Any ideas? I have had the architect resend the file and am seeing the same result. All assistance is appreciated.
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    Newbie Issues

    I just upgraded my Home Designer license to 2016 on a employees computer that runs Windows 8. The program downloaded to the download folder. I would have expected a windows window asking me to run a .exe file to load the software. That did not happen. The only thing I find online is to download from the prior version (I did not do that, I downloaded straight from the CA webpage). Windows 8 keeps asking what application I want to use to open the file. I hate Windows 8 and frankly cannot find anything when trying to use it. Anybody know how I can complete my upgrade?