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  1. BugAnnoyer's post in Create Plant Image doesn't pay attention to PNG transparency was marked as the answer   
    I found what I was doing wrong, have a workaround to my problem (see previous post "Object Not Compatible") and figured out a couple of things about Home Designer / Create Plant Image, and also about the image software I was using (Irfanview). First, Create Plant Image wants to use the Alpha Channel option for PNG transparency, and apparently can't use transparency based on a particular color in the PNG palette. Secondly, I had been opening the files in the Referenced Files .zips using Irfanview (so I could view before saving), and then saving from there using Save As. Apparently, Irfanview has some kind of limitation or bug when handling Alpha Channel transparencies, and that's why I was getting a "ghost" Camellia when doing that. When I simply copied from the .zip file to a temporary location, and then used that file to do Create Plant Image, everything worked as expected.
  2. BugAnnoyer's post in Object Not Compatible in Plant Chooser was marked as the answer   
    I answered my own question, or rather I found a workaround (it still seems like some kind of bug that an object shipped with the product would be "Not Compatible"). See the other post I put just after this one "Create Plant Image".