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  1. HDP wouldn't allow me to cut'n'paste an attic wall plate into this wall. I tried in both 'Plan' and 'Full Perspective' views. I decided Jeff was probably right and there was just something about the structure or placement of this wall that confused HDP. So I decided to save a copy of the plan, delete the attic wall altogether, and redraw it. That worked, and I got this: BTW, I was following this tutorial to create the Dutch Roof. I used the "Manual" method. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00749/creating-a-dutch-hip-roof.html
  2. Here's the compressed plan file, if that helps. Thanx Plan 430-225-3.zip
  3. I added an attic wall during the process of creating a Dutch gable. I have checked the box for "Sill Plate" in the Wall Specification -> Foundation panel and rebuilt the wall framing. No dice. I have tried tweaking several check boxes and radio buttons. No dice. Is there a way to add the Sill plate to this attic wall? You can see the other walls in this attic space in the background and they have sills at the bottom. Thanx, Floyd. HDP 2021, Build Windows 11 x64
  4. I want to create a gable over this entry-way in the rail wall that defines this front porch but when I use the Gable/Roof Line tool, it does nothing. Is it not possible to use this tool on a rail wall or I'm doing something else wrong? The rail wall Roof Option is set to Hip Wall. Is there another way to add a gable at this location? I'm using version: Home Designer Pro 2021 Build: (6/8/2020) Thanx
  5. Thanx Eric, but I can't upload the plan file because even when compressed, it's bigger than 14MB, which by today's standards is really, really small.
  6. Eric, I can select and delete the extraneous framing but it does consistently reappear whenever I rebuild. Thanx
  7. Does anyone know what might be causing this upside-down reflection of the gable wall frame? It only appears in the Perspective Framing Overview and doesn't affect any other views. Thanx
  8. fberus

    Laundry hook up

    I'm working with Home Designer Pro 2021, but I don't see the Cleanouts or Hookups, Pumps & Valves categories under Plumbing Equipment. Is there a library I need to download and install? I'm trying to find the In-wall Hot/Cold Water Hookup for the Laundry Room. Thanx
  9. Thanx David. I didn't end up editing the roof planes exactly the way you did it but the "Join Roof Planes" tool was the hint I needed. I also used some of the other roof plane and framing edit tools to good effect. I now have the exact roof framing I was after. The only downside is I have to keep auto generate roof planes turned off - or I'll loose my changes. I decided to keep a list of manual edits that I'll apply once I've completed my entire plan. Until then, I can keep all the auto generate options "on."
  10. The structure of the building is basically a two story "L" shape. The front of the building is one story with vaulted ceilings that extend upward to the second story at the back of the building. As you can see in the attached plan within the zip file, the peak on the back section is higher than the peak on the main building section. This creates a step where the peaks of the two sections meet and some complicated/undesirable roof structure (see BadPeakFrame.jpg). Since this house will be built in Florida, flattening the pitch of the rear section is a good option. This would lower the peak so that it meets the main roof much like the garage does at the front of the house. However, I have not been able to find a way to change the pitch of the roof over the back section of the two story structure. I tried several methods, including breaking the hip walls into sections aft of where the roof lines intersect the side hip walls (i.e. the wall sections that support the rearward roof planes), then changing the roof pitch for these two sections. But the application seems to ignore the pitch settings on these wall sections and continues to use the default pitch in the Build Roof dialog. To illustrate what I'm trying to do, I adjusted the pitch of the two roof planes (see LowerRoofPitch.jpg). Of course this doesn't work since it leaves a gap where the rearward roof meets the main roof and the changes are lost the next time the roof is auto generated. Is there a way I can adjust the pitch of this one roof section and have it properly meet the main roof? I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021, Build Thanx fberus Roof Pitch.zip
  11. Never mind. It appears Copy Multiple has been deprecated and replaced by Replicate/Transform. Mission accomplished.
  12. I'm drawing trusses and the tutorials all use the Copy Multiple edit button. However, the Copy Multiple button is not present on the edit tool bar or the edit menu. I can't find anything in the default settings or preferences that would have turned it off. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021, Build